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Item here are for sale.  Please get in touch to purchase a product, noting the item number when you contact us.

Officer Cap Badge

Item: 005


Pair of officers mess dress grenades.

Dress Bombs Subdued

Item: 006


Pair of officers service dress grenades.

Dress Bombs

Item: 007


Pair of No 1 service dress grenades.


Item: 009


Pair of spurs.

Officers Cap Badge

Item: 010


A cloth officers beret badge.

R-Mon Cap Badge

Item: 012


Gold officers cap badge.

Item: 014



Militia Flash

Item: 030

£ 0.30

Militia Flash.


Item: 027



Militia Flash Reds

Item: 031


Militia Flash (mess dress).

Militia Flash

Item: 032


Militia Flash (service dress).

Cap Badge Bi-Metal

Item: 034


OR’s. metal cap badge.


Item: 038


R Mon RE(M) dress buttons (set of 6).

Stable Belt

Item: 039


R Mon RE (M) Stable Belt.

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